Chiayi Park, Sun Shooting Tower and Chiayi Arboretum
  • An unbelievable century old park in the city.

    No:46, Park Street, 

    Chiayi City

    Tel: 00886-5-2744019

    While you visit the historical 18th-century style historical relief museum, you can enjoy your leisure time on the peaceful patch of greenery Chiayi Park. The century-old park covers 268,000 square meters area. Confucius temple, Fu Kang An Monument, Bing Wu Earthquake Monument, the national treas...
    Sun Shooting Tower was built as 62 m. tall in 1998 in the place of Kagi Shrine which was burned down by a fire in 1994. Kagi shrine was built in 1915 during Japanese era. The name of Kagi is just the Japanese version of Chiayi. By the design of the tower giant trees of Alishan were inspired with the...
    In addition, Chiayi Arboretum, the densely wooded forestry and agricultural research institute branches in the northeastern corner of the park boast a wide variety of tropical plants and are worthy of a visit.